Why we have remembered the CLGA in our wills

Brian Sambourne and Richard Isaac standing on a boat overlooking a forested island.

We have been supporters of the CLGA for a number of years. We know that the work done by the Archives helps to preserve our treasures for generations to come. We also know that when we don’t know our history we are doomed to repeat it.  The CLGA helps us to fight against the loss of our stories, through neglect or wilful destruction.

During our lifetimes we have the opportunity to interact with staff and volunteers, and participate in events. All of us can choose to donate our time and our money while we can. We feel that after we are gone, our support in the CLGA should live on. A legacy gift helps to ensure that the work of the Archives can go on, and helps the world get one step closer to CLGA’s vision of “a future world where lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people are accepted, valued, and celebrated.”

That’s why we have remembered the CLGA in our wills. I invite you to contact Caitlin Smith, our Development Coordinator, to find out how you can create a bequest that will help to keep our stories alive.

by Brian Sambourne and Richard Isaac

A short letter from Brian Samourne and Richard Isaac

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