Volunteer Opportunities


Current needs of the CLGA are always changing based on what is happening in the Archives. However, we always look for new people to help expand our services. With over 100 active volunteers the CLGA is a Volunteer led and focused organization. Please contact volunteer@clga.ca with any questions about volunteer opportunities with the CLGA. 

Operations Committee:

  • ​Archivists: Archivists are responsible for the in-take, processing, and preservation of the archival holdings of the CLGA in a variety of mediums. 
  • Archival Librarians: Archival Librarians take care of published materials including our book collection and periodicals.

Fundraising Committee:

  • Fundraisers: The Fundraiser would look for opportunities to increase monetary resources for the CLGA in order to continue the basic functioning of other committees as well as expand CLGA services.
  • Grant Writer: The Grant Writer would work with other committees to put together grant applications to a variety of government, private foundation and other funding opportunities.
  • Events Planner: The Event Planner would help with numerous events around the CLGA including gallery show openings, the annual Gala and other CLGA events.

Facilities Committee:

  • Facilities Assistant: The Facilities Assistant supports the Facilities Coordinator in the ongoing maintenance and functioning of the CLGA house.
  • Handyperson: The Handyperson would be responsible for a wide range of home repairs at the CLGA main site which is a home built in the 1800s.

Community Engagement Committee:

  • Community Developer: The Community Developer is someone dedicated to doing promotion, research and tours of the CLGA to directly raise its profile in the community.

Communications Committee:

  • Social Media Specialist: Social media specialists at the CLGA help us develop and deliver content through social media and, engage with communities that we serve. 
  • Graphic Designer: The Graphics Designer would help support multiple areas of CLGA work, but primarily with external and internal communications design.

Curatorial Committee:

  • Assistant Curator: The Assistant Curator would be responsible for organizing at least one, if not multiple art exhibits at the CLGA. This would be done in connection with the Curatorial Chair and Associate Curator and, with respect to the goal of showcasing LGBTQ+ communities.
  • Exhibition Technician: The Exhibition Technician would support the curated exhibits held at the CLGA which showcase parts of the LGBTQ+ communities. This support would come in the form of doing set up and take down of exhibits.

Staff and Program Assistants:

  • Executive Assistant: Reporting to the Executive Director, the executive assistant will perform a range of administrative and office support functions for CLGA to facilitate the efficient operation of the organization. 
  • Assistant Volunteer Coordinator: The Assistant Volunteer Coordinator helps the Volunteer Coordinator in a number of different areas including event planning, volunteer intake, and general office duties.

Please see Volunteer Application Form and CLGA Code of Conduct below:

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