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Raphael Bendahan Cafe- La Barge /Gallery

May 3-June 16. [Toronto], [ON], [Canada].

Facade : Cafe-La Barge Gallery.

3 May - 16 June, [ 1974 ]. [ Toronto ], [ ON ], Canada.

Face of Hope.

Scott Thornley & Co.

February 17, 1991. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Factory K.

March 10. Toronto, ON, Canada.

The Facts of Life. The Facts Of Death..

County Of Riverside, [US].

FairPlay Auch Wenn Du Fur Seinen Service Zahist..


A fairy tale ball : dress to impress in the Great Hall at U of T's Hart House for the first ever fairy tale ball : but don't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

Poster design by Jenn Kuo RyePride, Student Association of George Brown College, LGBTOUT, TBLGAYork

19 March [2004?]. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fall ball.

26 September [ 1987 ]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fall frolic dance : 'What do you people do, anyway?'.

Design signed : b.e.

15 November [ 1980 ]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fantasies A Warehouse Party In The Heart Of South Of Market.

Saturday, July 11, 1981. Phoenix, AZ, US.

Fantasies II.

Phoenix Uniform Club

Saturday, July 11, 1982. [San Francisco], [CA], [US].

Fantasy Ball.

Spearhead Toronto

Saturday, February 22, 2003. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fantasy ball '06 : Spearhead's annual fantasy ball Sat., Feb. 18 : Opera House.

Designed by Leatherceo 2005 Spearhead

February 18, 2006. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fantasy Ball 2000.

Spearhead Leather Group

February 26, 2000. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fantasy Show & Contestant Info Night Mr. Drummer Central Canada 1992.

Mr. Drummer

Friday, July 3, 1992. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fantasy Weekend.

Woody's Bar

February 23 - March 4, 2001. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fantasy Weekend.

AMMO Woody's Bar

February 24-27, 2000. Toronto, ON, Canada.

The Farewell Symphony.

March 16, 17, 18. Toronto ( by address ), ON, Canada.

Fashion cares.

10 June [1987]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fashion Cares.

Christine Downs, Production Concepts Inc. Fashion Cares

April 24, 1991. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fashion Cares, 15 Years.

Design, Robert Young Associates; Photo, Dan Couto Fashion Cares

June 9, 2001. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fashion Cares Rags Riches.

Design, Stephanie Power; Photographer, Floria Sigismondi Fashion Cares

April 29, 1992. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fashion Cares Weekend.

Woody's Bar

April 12-May 10, 2000. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Female Transport [ play ] by Steve Gooch..

J. Yanch Printed by C.J. Graphics.

22 October - 03 November, 1985. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Feminist Film Festival.

Nancy Nicol

April 19, 20.. [Toronto], [ON], [Canada].

Femmes d'action: des Ontariennes qui ont faáonnÇ notre histoire. Toronto 198- ..

Originally from 89-015 MILLER, Alan V.,

Femmes Gaies Ensemble Pour Vire! Pour Vire!.

National Conference Ottawa

1976. Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Ferron Driver the New Album.

Wednesday, September 28,1994. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Ferron Heather Bishop.

Friday, October 19. [Montreal], ]PQ], [Canada].

Fesses Festival des films du monde.

Dumas WEGA Video

June 20- 26,1991. MontrÈal, PQ, Canada.

Fesses Festival des Films du Monde (Asses Festival of the World).

Dumas 1991 WEGA Video

June 21- 26, 1991. Montreal, PQ, Canada.

Festival 3.

GALA III (Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses)

July 2- 8,1989. Seattle, WA, US.

Festival of Dance.

Faculty of Physical Education and Health & Hart House Theatre,University of Toronto

March 30- 31, [2001? from other poster in 2001-005N]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

A Festival Of Gay Plays.

New York, NY, US.

Festival Of Pride ; Festival De Fieste '92.

June 12 - 21, 1992. Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Fetish and Fantasy.

National Leather Association, British Columbia

3 November, 1990. Vancouver, [Charlies Lounge found in Bob Damron 1990-1991], BC, Canada.

Fetish Tea Dance.


21 Aug [2005]. Toronto, ON, Canada.


Gay Community Dance Committee (GCDC)

Sept. 4, [1981]. [Toronto], [ON], [Canada].


Tatbu Folsom Fair North Productions/RECON

16-17 JUL 2005. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fiction and other truths: a film about Jane Rule.

Directed by Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman; Great Jane Productions

January 9, 10, 11. [Toronto], [ON], [Canada].

Fierte Moncton Pride.

June 16 -22, 2002. Moncton, NB, Canada.

Fifth Annual Global Developent Awareness Week, Culture and Development.

Donner Foundation, Toronto Board of Education

Feb. 5-9, 1990. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fifth Column.

Czar Bar

Pre 2002. Chicago, Illinois, US.

Fifth Column.

Foufounes Electriques

Pre 2002. Montreal, PQ, Canada.

Fifth Column Bunch of F**Kingoofs.

Cameron House Bar

September 27,[Pre 2002]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fifth Column Toronto's Dykecore Pioneers.

Dayke TV, The Continental

Pre 2002. New York, NY, US.

Fifth international lesbian and gay people of colour conference : Toronto, Canada : July 28-31, 1988 : conference theme - grassroots..

The International Lesbian and Gay Committee '88

28-31 July 1988. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fifth Lesbian and Gay Studies Conference.

November 1-3, 1991. New Brunswick, NJ, US.

Fight 'Born-Again' Hate.

GATE Vancouver

Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Fight For A Cure ; Aids Action Now !.

Fight Homophobia.

Queer Nation

none. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fight Homophobia : Promote Homosexuality.

Queer Nation

none. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fighting Back.

May 28-30, 1982. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Film portraits of women by women. [ Toronto ] : April 18 - May 9, [ 1986 ].

Poster: Jean Young.

Toronto, ON, Canada.

Finchley Boys.

Artist, Todd Trexler International Dream Shows

October 8- 16, [pre 2000]. San Francisco [from street names], CA, US.

Find The Truth.

September 28, October 24, November 28.. [Toronto], [ON], [Canada].



11 Jun [2005]. [Toronto], [ON], [Canada].

Fire Down Below Hellfire Halloween Weekend 1999.

October 28-31. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fire Down Below, Hellfire Halloween Weekend 1999.

Design, AMMO Design; Photo, David Hawe Woody's Bar

October 28-31, 1999. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fire Island Pines '94.

July 23, 30, August 21. [NY], [US].

Fireweed An Indigeni Fairy Tale.

Playwright Billy Merasty, The Centre for Indigenous Theatre & First Nations House

March 30, 1998. Toronto, ON, Canada.

First anniversary weekend frolic.

Bear Buddies Toronto

1, 2 April [2004?] . Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

First encounter : a Gay Games III fundraising event, Team Toronto...8th October 1989....

Steven Russell; David Hawe, photographer

1989. Toronto, ON, Canada.

First Season.

Actors Repertory Theatre

September 3, 1975 - July 15, 1976. [Toronto], [ON], [Canada].

First Season.

Actors Repertory Theatre

[Toronto], [ON], [Canada].

First Session.

DQ 1991

1991. Toronto, ON, Canada.

First They Arrested.

Right to Privacy Committee (RTPC)

The Flame of Hope Art Sale and Auction.

Designer, Profile Design Ltd., Artist, Joe Average People With AIDS, AIDS Vancouver

July 31-August 3, 1992. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Flaunting It.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

April 18-20, 1991. Milwaukee, WI, USA.


every Thursday in August, 1997. Pittsburgh, PA, US.


Brandstead Press

June 1 [1989-1991?]. Carlisle, ON, Canada.

Flowers : a pantomime for Jean Genet. Toronto : March 24 - Apr. 9, [ 1978 ].

Fly Sunday summer series 2006.

Fly Nightclub

July 9, 30, 2006. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fly Sunday summer series 2006 : every few years there comes a summer like no other... that summer is now upon us!.

Fly Nightclub

July 16, 20, 2006. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fly Sunday summer series 2006 : every few years there comes a summer like no other. That summer is now upon us! : join Fly as it sets forth a series of Sunday summer events to make the summer of 2006 like no other....

Fly Nightclub

2006. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Flying Dutchmen.

[ON], [Canada].

Foam : A Night Of Lust And Lather.

atproduction/Madtizzy Productions

04 Sep 2005. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Folsom Bivouac.

Jim Moss, Folsom Magazine

September 19, [1980] ?. Russian River, CA, US.

Folsom Fair North.

Folsom Fair North Productions Ltd.

July 18 - 20, 2003. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Folsom Fair North.

Folsom Fair North Productions Ltd.

July 18 - 20, 2003. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Folsom Fair North 2.

Folsom Fair North Productions Ltd.

July 16 - 18, 2004. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Folsom fair north 2.

Folsom Fair North Productions Ltd.

July 16-18, 2004. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Folsom Fair North 3.

Tatsu Folsom Fair North Productions Ltd.

July 16 - 17, 2005. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Folsom Fair North 5.

Folsom Fair North Productions Ltd.

July 22, 2007. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fooftastic Karaoke.

The Red Spot Bar

[2002 ?]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

For Every Girl Who Is Tired Of Acting Weak When She Is Strong, There Is A Boy Tired Of Appearing Strong When He Feels Vulnerable. For Every Boy Who Is Burdened With The Constant Expectation Of Knowing Everything, There Is A Girl Tired Of People Not Trusting Her Intelligence. For Every Girl Who Is Tired Of Being Called Over- Senstive, There Is A Boy Who Fears To Be Gentle, To Weep. For Every Boy For Whom Competition Is The Only Way To Prove His Masculinity, There Is A Girl Who Is Called Unfeminine When She Competes. For Every Girl Who Throw Out Her E-Z-Bake Oven, There Is A Boy Who Wishes To Find One. For Every Boy Strugggling Not To Let Advertising Dictate His Desires, There Is A Girl Facing The Ad Industry's Attacks On Her Self-Esteem. For Every Girl Who Takes A Step Toward Her Liberation, There Is A Boy Who Finds The Way To Freedonm A Little Easier..

2003. Olympia, WA, US.

For The Boys.

Forbidden films : the filmmaker and human rights [ film festival ]..

18-28 October 1984. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Forbidden Films : The films of Robert Frank..

R.A. Gledhill

8 March 1984. [ Toronto ], [ ON ], Canada.

Forging the Links, Socialism and Activism Into the 21st Century.

New Socialist Group

August 22-24, [Pre 1999]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Forms of Desire, 7th Annual Queer Studies Conference.

City University of New York Graduate School & University Center

April 3-5, 1998. New York City, NY, US.

forte Ninth Season ; HO! HO! HO! Cabaret.


26 Nov [2005]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Forte the Toronto Men's Chorus presents queerly beloved : music to make your nuptials swing one way or another and introducing Ottawa's mixed vocal ensemble Ole in mascaras (masks).

Forte the Toronto Men's Chorus

April 1, 2006. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Forward Together, Lesbian and Gay Pride Day '86 Featuring : David Sereda Band ; Bratty and the Babysitters ; Arlene Mantle Band ; Buddies in Bad Times ; The Clichettes ; Rick Robertson ; Oasis ; David Ramsden; Correct Line. .

Design : Pei Lim ; Type : Chris Higgins

1986. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Forza lesbo! Settimana internazionale dell'orgoglio lesbico e omosessuale [ International Lesbian & Gay Pride Week ]. Torino : June 22-28, 1981..

Illus. signed: [ Marco ] Silombria.

Fourth Annual National Lesbian And Gay Book Month.

June, 1995.

The Fourth Annual We Are Breaking the Silench.

Breaking the Silence, College of Education, University of Sakatchewan

March 16-17, 2001. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Foxhole : have you had your shots? The infi[r]mary w/ DJ Shane Mackinnon MD, Dr Bink, & Nurse May.

May 12, [2006?]. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Foxhole is going "Vegas baby" : sexy singles dance & big gay mixer.

Gladstone Hotel

March 4, 2006. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Foxhole : sexy singles dance & big gay mixer.

Gladstone Hotel

November 24, [2007?]. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Foxhole : wenches in trenches : sexy singles dance & big gay mixer.

Gladstone Hotel

February 4, [2006?]. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Free Speech Costs : $300 and seven days..

61 x 46 cm. ; b&w ; uncoated paper. While postering for a gay dance on the evening of July 18, David Foreman and Bob Schisler of the Gay Alliance Toward Equality were stopped by pollice and arrested. [ Appeal for funds towards the legal defence of David Foreman and Bob Schisler. ]

1977. [ Toronto ], [ ON ], [ Canada ].

Freedon Can Seem Like A Revolutionary Idea.

Queer Nation

none. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fresh Talk Youth & Sexuality.

Saturday, February 29, 1992. Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Friends for a Week Friends for Life.

Friends for Life Bike Rally

July 29-August 5, 2001. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Friends of Community Schools Fundraiser;Supporting Triangle Program Students;Raising Money to Support the Scholarship Fund.

Wdenesday, June 18, 2003. Toronto, ON, Canada.

From All Walks Of Life.

Ontario AIDS Network

October 16., 1991. Toronto, ON, Canada.

From All Walks of Life '90.

AIDS Committee of Toronto

October 21, 1990. Toronto, ON, Canada.

...From Plantation To Paradise.

Sunday, September 18,1994. Toronto, ON, Canada.

...From Plantation To Paradise.

Sunday, September 18,1994. Toronto, ON, Canada.

From the memoirs of Johnny Daze : [ play ] by John Beckett Wimbs.

1986. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fruit cocktail..

6-8 October 1989. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fruit Cocktail 85.

Design and production : Alex Smith with Asterisk Commercial Graphics.

27-29 September 1985. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fruit Cocktail 85.

Alex Smith with Asterisk Commercial Graphics Toronto Gay Community Appeal of Toronto

September 27-29, 1985. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fruit Cocktail '87."Gaze In Wonder".

Artist, Devoot Dezine the Lesbian & Gay Community Appeal

October 2-4, 1987. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fruit Cocktail 1989.

October 6, 7, 8, 1989. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fruit Cocktail, 1991.

Fruit Cocktail

November 29-30, 1991. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fruit Cocktail 1991.

Friday, November 29 - Sunday, December 1, 1991. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fruit cocktail : ...a revue with gay appeal..

Donna Kwasnicki

24 - 25 April, 1983. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fruit explosion! In partnership with the Arts and Contemporary Studies (ACS) Course Union present : ACS 5th anniversary bash!.

RyePride, Ryerson Students' Union

September 21, 2007. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fruit explosion! : presented by RyePRIDE, RyeACCESS, Social Work Students' Union & CESAR : fruit explosion - a queer positive pub night.


February 16, 2008. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Fruits Invade Church Street.

Thursday, April 27 1995. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fry your socks!!.

16 June, [ 1979? ]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fugues : un guide complet.

1987. MontrÈal, QC, Canada.

Full Fetish Weekend.

AMMO Woody's Bar

October 18-24, 2002. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Full Frontal Pride!.

Woody's Bar, Labatt's Blue

June 23 - 30, 2002. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Full Frontal Pride !.


Monday, July 1 - Sunday, July 6. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Full Frontal Pride Week.

AMMO Woody's Bar

June 17 - June 26, 2002. Toronto, ON, Canada.

The Full Monty.

Full Moon Madness.

Taras, B. Lavender Doe-Eye Productions Ltd.

Saturday October 30,1982. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fun with condoms : condoms are your best bet in preventing AIDS..

Design : Ted Glaszewski

[ ca. 1986 ]. Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fun with Dick and Jane present : Hollywood babe-a-lon 1 : taking up where the Celluloid Closet left off : junk-food crazed queers and their wannabe-friends share buried treasures of high- trash Homo-wood movie magic!.

Lucinda Wallace/Lushus Deezign Tallulah's Cabaret

October 10, [2004?]. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Funny Boy.

November 30,1994. [Toronto], [ON], [Canada].

Funny Gay Males.

Peoples Comedy Festival

June 18-19,[1992, from vertical files]. Toronto [from address], ON, Canada.

Futball Friday!.

Crews and Tango/The Zone

10 September 2004. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The Future of the Queer Past.

Design, rob janoff University of Chicago

September 14-17, 2000. Chicago, IL, US.

Futuro... ...No Esta Asegurado Prevenga el SIDA.

Galindo Studio Hispanic AIDS Network

1990. Chicago, IL, US.

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