Periodicals (LGBT)

Thousands of titles worldwide  and a guide to even more

A full inventory listing of our Lesbian and Gay Periodicals is online.

Also  available is an index to the first ten years of On Our Backs compiled by Sarah Mann.

The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives houses the world's biggest collection of lesbian and gay periodicals  everything from single-sheet organization newsletters to fat gay glossies; from the latest dyke "zines" to physique mags of the Fifties. Some titles go back even beyond 1937 (but we confess to a special fondness for Bachelor).

Compiled by long-time Archives volunteer Alan Miller and available here online, Our Own Voices: A Directory of Lesbian and Gay Periodicals, 1890s to 2000s lists more than 7,200 titles from all over the world, most of them held in the Archives.


Lesbian & Gay Periodicals: Guides

This page is for lists of inventories and other guides to lesbian and gay periodicals, with highlighted titles available online. Only one title is here so far -- but it's a big one.

  • Our Own Voices: A Directory of Lesbian and Gay Periodicals, 1890s to 2000s
    Alan V. Miller, c1991 and c1996 (online)
    Updated March 2001

    A massive listing of lesbian and gay periodicals, covering the last century and the entire world -- more than 7,200 titles in all. Starred entries (more than 5,900 of them) indicate titles held in the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.
    This is a very big document  more than 1.3 MB  divided into 66 web pages, including an Introduction and a Contents list with links to all pages.

Lesbian & Gay Periodicals: Related Documents

Items below, listed alphabetically by author or published source (in bold), offer more background on lesbian and gay periodicals. Highlighted titles are available online.

  • Our Silver Anniversary: Canadians have been organizing for twenty-five years!
    Gay Archivist, Jun 1989 (unsigned)

    A look at pioneering gay groups and periodicals, including Vancouver's Association for Social Knowledge (publisher of ASK Newsletter, 1964 - 1968), and the Toronto magazines Gay (1964 - 1965) and Two (1964 - 1966).

  • Spotlighting the Queer Press
    Unspeakable: The Rise of the Gay and Lesbian Press in America
    by Rodger Streitmatter. Faber and Faber, 1995
    Review by Ed Jackson
    Centre/Fold (Toronto Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies), Spring 1996

    Ed examines this "first comprehensive, scholarly look at the role of the lesbian and gay community press"  and finds that its "understanding of this international phenomenon remains myopically American." Appx 500 words.

  • Beefcake before Blueboy
    Alan V. Miller
    The Body Politic, Jan / Feb 1983

    A 1983 review looking at the history of "physique" magazines, from the late 1930s to their eventual demise in the face of mainstream competition. Appx 650 words.

  • The Gay Periodical Press in Eastern Europe
    Alan V. Miller (unsigned)
    Gay Archivist, Nov 1992

    A look at the explosion of gay publishing in Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and other post-Communist states after 1989. Appx 750 words.

  • Mission Impossible -- Or Is It?
    Alan V. Miller (unsigned)
    Lesbian and Gay Archivist, Jun 1996

    A piece in our online newsletter, on electronic and print resources for gay and lesbian periodicals  leading to many hard-to-find titles. Notes many Asian, Indian, Japanese, South African, and Latin American titles, as well as some produced by Black and Hispanic communities in the U.S.

  • Canadian Gay Polemical Literature: We've only just begun...
    Tom Warner
    The Body Politic, Mar / Apr 1974

    Tom opens with a quote from Laud Humphreys, in Out of the Closets: "Change movements must leap communication barriers that society erects in self-defence. The role of the gay press becomes a central and decisive one in the movement for gay freedom." This 3-page feature charts the early development of gay publishing in Canada  still sporadic then, but very much part of a movement for gay freedom.

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