Shelley Tremain

Shelley Tremain 19-- -

"Because disabled people are assumed to be asexual, and lesbian identities are sexual identities, disabled lesbians have been rendered non-existent. Much of the work I have done has derived from an urgent desire to wrestle sole ownership of lesbian (sexual) identity from non-disabled lesbians. I have worked to produce cultural contexts within which disabled dykes could create self representations, including radio programming, curating a multidisciplinary show for A Space Gallery (Toronto), and editing the first ever disabled dyke anthology, Pushing the Limits: Disabled Dykes Produce Culture. Recently, I edited a queer issue of Disabled Studies Quarterly (forthcoming)". (1998 Induction Statement)

Artiste et militante, voix puissante des lesbiennes handicapées. 

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Shelley Tremain 19-- -
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Bruce Jones
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14 x 36cm (W x H)