Shyam Selvadurai 1965 -

Shyam Selvadurai is the author of the brilliant, ground-breaking and internationally acclaimed novel Funny Boy, a story of growing up gay in Sri Lanka amidst the long-standing conflict between the Tamil and Sinhalese communities. "It is difficult to evaluate one's significant contribution. If I was to say what mine has been, it is that, perhaps, I have given voice to the hidden lives of gay people in Sri Lanka through my novel, Funny Boy." Shyani has recently completed his second novel, Cinnamon Gardens, a work about personal courage and liberation that captures the fear, problems and joys of living as a gay person in Sri Lanka. (1998 Induction Statement)

Auteur du brillant roman Funny Boy, sur grandir et devenir gai au Sri Lanka; cet ouvrage précurseur a reçu un accueil international. 

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Shyam Selvadurai 1965 -
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Jock MacRae
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acrylic on board
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26.5 x 41.5cm (W x H)