Ken Popert 1947 -

Ken Popert has been working for the Pink Triangle Press since the mid- 1970s. The Press published The Body Politic, a news magazine that sowed the seeds of homosexual rebellion in Canada and set the stage for the uprising that occurred in the wake of the 1981 Toronto Bathhouse Raids. After the collective gave up its stewardship of The Body Politic in 1987, Popert revitalized Pink Triangle Press by focusing on Xtra, first in Toronto, then Capital Xtra in Ottawa and Xtra West in Vancouver. As Popert said: "With the Xtras, my hope for the Press has been to preserve its role and expand its reach as an agent of provocation, challenging its readers to rethink and reshape together the world in which they live." (1998 Induction Statement)

Membre du collectif de Body Politic; président de Pink Triangle Press depuis 1975.

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Ken Popert 1947 -
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