Glen Murray 1957 -

"Cities are the gravity of change. Their intense pull creates a critical mass of human imagination and action. Cities are global and local. Queer folk find both intimacy and anonymity in urban space. Gay ghetto's provide sex, love, family, identity and a place to be seen. Cities offer us crowds, singularity, invisibility, diversity and places to hide. Cities become liberty.

About two decades ago I was twenty. I never heard of anyone who was out. No one I knew was proud. Bars were raided, people arrested. "Homosexuals" were "admitted", "confessed" or "suspected." Being in bars involved the fear and risk of being caught. Being caught meant job loss and family rejection. Queers were bashed. Life was lived in fractured pieces. Finding sex and love was an art form. My father said I couldn't be gay because I played football. AIDS was not a word. AIDS became epidemic. People came out, people died, more people came out.

Today I remember. I live a whole out life. I am part of the first generation who can live out loud. I keep part of my lost brothers alive in my heart. I am not afraid anymore." (Glen Murray, Mayor of Winnipeg, 2000 Induction Statement)

Politicien municipal ouvertement gai, élu maire de Winnipeg. 

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Glen Murray 1957 -
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Craig Koshyk
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black and white photographic print, platinum/palladium-toned
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18.5 x 24cm (W x H)