Shani Mootoo 1957 -

Shani Mootoo is a visual artist, video-maker and writer who has skillfully found expression in a multitude of media. Her first published work, Out on Main Street, a collection of short stories and her luscious, imaginative first novel, Cereus Blooms at Night, were both received with enthusiastic acclaim. Exhibitions of her photo-based and painted images have travelled internationally. A Trinidadian-Canadian born in Ireland, Shani Mootoo complicates the interweavings of ethnic, gender and sexual identities in her work. Currently living in Vancouver, she is a contributing editor for CBC Radio's "This Morning" and is writing her second novel. (1998 Induction Statement)


Artiste et écrivain.

Archival data / Données archivistiques

Subject / Sujet:
Shani Mootoo 1957 -
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Artist / Artiste:
Susan Stewart
Medium / Médium:
black and white photograph
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21.5 x 29cm (W x H)