Bonte Minnema 1976 -

I'm a UofT Homecoming Queen, Chair & Co-founder of North America's first LGBTQ Scouting group (I was a Chief Scout in my day), Co-chair of the lesbian gay bi youth line, sometimes activist with various community/provincial/national groups & other times - just a happy go lovely gay boy... I'm a campy queeny uncompromising celebrational fairy. Effeminate homosexual women's studies student who believes power is distinctly fem. Its fun watching people (usually het) squirm when they try to figure out my gender. I tell them not to bother, haven't figured it out either. I'm really sick & tired of flamer bashing & gender typing... & being told I'm a stereotype. How many fem fag's organize urban campouts, know how to fix tractors & teach a social justice based Sunday school? Okay, so its probably not a stretch for superfags. That's what my Dutch cousins call me -Super Homo- like Popeye, I eat my spinach.

Rural communities pride themselves on being 'all the same.' I might be able to fix tractors (amongst other butch farm chores) but I take pride in being different, it often exposes peoples' hypocrisies. Being all the same, particularly in a rural context, is really racist- so I'm still in exile. That's a mixed blessing, I can be who I am & I participate in lots of great social justice, anti-racist, queer-positive, woman-positive activism... and visit the country (with a car full of like-minded folk) every once in awhile.... I have to remember they have the right to be wrong, I just hope they know how that makes me & others feel. That will lead to change. 

"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality" Dante (1265-1321) (Bonte Minnema, Toronto, 2000 Induction Statement)

Cofondateur de la première troupe gaie et lesbienne des Scouts du Canada. 

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Bonte Minnema 1976 -
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Lise Beaudry
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colour photographic print
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31 x 31cm (W x H)