Tim McCaskell 19-- -

Tim McCaskell, who worked in Toronto schools doing anti-racism and anti-homophobia work with students for almost twenty years, is a long-time AIDS activist. In 1988, he was a founding member of AIDS Action Now (AAN), a group formed to raise the public's awareness of AIDS issues through highly public actions and campaigns. In a 1996 letter to AAN supporters, McCaskell explained why continued action was essential. He said: "We need to tell the government that Canadians are concerned about AIDS. We need to remind them that this epidemic is not over. We need to tell them that now, as new treatments become available and there is once again hope for a vaccine, it would be criminal to abandon our efforts and unnecessarily lose more lives to this scourge." (1998 Induction Statement)

Membre du collectif qui publia Body Politic, membre du Comité pour le droit à la vie privée, fondateur de Simon Nkoli Anti-Apartheid Committee, cofondateur de AIDS ACTION NOW; il a travaillé dans les écoles secondaire de Toronto pendant une vingtaine d'années afin de combattre le racisme et l'homophobie dans le système scolaire.

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Tim McCaskell 19-- -
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