Jovette Marchessault 1938 - 2012

Writer, playwright, sculptor and visual artist Jovette Marchessault is a self-educated daughter of a working-class Quebecois family. Jovette began her career as a sculptor, attracting international attention with her multimedia Earth Mothers series, exhibited in 25 solo exhibitions in North America and Europe. She followed this triumph with two novels; Like a Child of the Earth and Mother of the Gross (trans. Yvonne Klein). The publication in 1980 of Lesbian Triptych, her trio of radical works, caused a backlash in Quebec that threatened to jeopardize her literary reputation. Her many brilliant theatre plays include The Saga of the Wet Hens, which has been performed across Canada, and The Night Cow, which has been performed throughout North America. Jovette is currently completing a new play called Madame Blavetsky, Spirite. (1998 Induction Statement)

Écrivaine, dramaturge, sculpteure et artiste visuelle.

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Jovette Marchessault 1938 - 2012
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Robert Laliberté
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black and white photographic print
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15.5 x 23cm (W x H)