k.d. lang 1961 -

Singer, composer and actor, k.d. lang is a lesbian icon whose influence reaches far beyond Canada's borders. Born in Consort, Alberta, lang was the first mainstream celebrity in North America to come out as a lesbian, against the advice of many who predicted dire consequences. The notorious, sexy photo of lang with Cindy Crawford on the cover of Vanity Fair remains one of the most famous images of "lesbian chic." She has won three Grammy awards and a Juno award, which she playfully accepted while wearing a wedding dress and cowboy boots. k.d. lang continues to make popular music while paving the way for other famous women to be open about their sexuality, thus expanding the limits of mainstream acceptance for lesbians. (1998 Induction Statement)

Interprète, compositrice, comédienne, gloire lesbienne; première vedette nord-américaine à s’afficher publiquement.

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k.d. lang 1961 -
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Maurice Vellekoop
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27 x 42cm (W x H)