George Hislop 1927 - 2005

"Thirty years ago I didn't want tolerance. I didn't want my lover and companion Ron Shearer and I to be tolerated. Nor did I want other lesbians and gay men to be merely tolerated. I wanted us, all of us, to be understood and acknowledged and yes, loved, in our sexual orientation. Through the efforts of thousands of lesbians and gay men and our straight friends, family, and supporters, much has been accomplished in Canada and around the world to achieve those goals. But there is still much to do. Today I am much more tolerant of the word and concept of tolerance, but we must constantly be on guard to maintain our hard-won gains, for they can be easily lost." (George Hislop, Toronto, 1999 Induction Statement)

Confondateur de Community Homophile Association of Toronto, le premier organisme communautaire de libération homosexuelle au Canada, et de Toronto Lambda Business Council; première ouvertement gaie à se lancer en politique au Canada. 

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George Hislop 1927 - 2005
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Norman Hatton
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exhibition quality black and white photographic print
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22.5 x 28cm (W x H)