Charlie Hill 1945 -

"In 1969 when I became President of the University of Toronto Homophile Association, I identified myself, both personally and publicly, as a gay male. In my work in the gay movement in Toronto and Ottawa up to the mid 1970s I sought to come to terms with that identity and counter those forces which saw me, and my sisters and brothers, only in those terms. For the National Gallery of Canada I have organized exhibitions of Canadian Painting in the Thirties (1975), of the photographs of John Vanderpant (1976), of the paintings of James Wilson Morrice (1992) and of The Group of Seven (1995) among others. I now identify myself as a gay, male, middle-class art historian and civil servant with numerous, additional, qualifying adjectives, both positive and more dubious." (Charlie Hill, Ottawa, 2000 Induction Statement)

Conservateur d’art, confondateur du premier organisme ouvertement gai au Canada (University of Toronto Homophile Association) en 1969 et confondateur de Gays of Ottawa/Gais de l’Outaouais. 

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Charlie Hill 1945 -
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black and white photographic print, silver gelatin-toned
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31.5 x 46cm (W x H)