John Greyson 1960 -

John Greyson is one of Canada's most important filmmakers. His films, Zero Patience, an extravagant musical about AIDS, and Lilies, a luscious revenge tale, gained Greyson an international following. His earlier works, Urinal and The Making of Monsters, established Greyson as "one of queer culture's strongest Canadian voices, addressing issues of sexuality and the gay image in both gay and mainstream society."(ICON, May 1995). As film critic Cameron Bailey said of Zero Patience, "For 10 years, Greyson has made videotapes to shake down the house of homophobia and erect a pulsing new monument to gay identities in its place" (NOW, March 2, 1994). (1998 Induction Statement)

Cinéaste, vidéaste et écrivain dont les films inclut Zero Patience et Lilies, deux œuvres qui l’ont propulsé sur la scène internationale. 

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John Greyson 1960 -
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Alex Turner
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colour photograph
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20 x 30.5cm (W x H)