Amy Gottlieb 1953 -

Amy Gottlieb is a dynamic social and community activist who has devoted her time, energy and imagination for over 25 years to lesbian, Jewish, queer, and artist-related causes. Beginning her involvement with the peace and civil rights movements, she was an active revolutionary Marxist when she met her first lesbian lover in 1973. Amy has been an active member of numerous lesbian organizations, including LOOT (the Lesbian Organization of Toronto), Gays and Lesbian Against the Right Everywhere, Lesbians Against the Right, and Lesbians Making History. She has also worked with the Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, Healthsharing Magazine, and MIX: the Magazine of Artist-Run Culture. (1998 Induction Statement)

Militante sociale et communautaire qui a consacré son temps, son énergie et son imagination pendant plus de 25 ans à des causes lesbienne, juive, gaie et artistique.

Archival data / Données archivistiques

Subject / Sujet:
Amy Gottlieb 1953 -
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Cyndra MacDowall
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archival quality black and white photographic print, selenium-toned
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23.5 x 29.5cm (W x H)