Sara Ellen Dunlop

Sara Ellen Dunlop 1936 - 1978

Sara Ellen Dunlop, beloved Toronto lesbian, singer and personality, died of cancer in February 1978. A true force in women's music, she was a founder of the original Mama Quilla band. During the 1960's, Sara was a co-creator and co-owner of the Music Room, one of Toronto's first lesbian and gay clubs. For the members of our community, the Music Room became a focal gathering place before any had dared to dream of gay pride or gay liberation. She was very protective, and put her body on the line by blocking the entrance to gay and lesbian bashers; on one occasion, she fought a gang of motorcycle hoods who tried to trash the club. She was an early fighter for civil rights, an organizer, an entertainer and a fundraiser. For many of us, she was our first role model. (2001 Induction Statement)

Lesbienne, chanteuse, personnalité, propriétaire de Music Room, un des premiers clubs gais et lesbiens de Toronto durant les années 1960.

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Sara Ellen Dunlop 1936 - 1978
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Ingrid Vellekoop
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pastel on board
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