Persimmon Blackbridge

Persimmon Blackbridge 1951 -

Persimmon Blackbridge is a visual artist and writer whose work has focused on lesbian sex and sexual representation, disability culture, and the mental illness system. Her ground-breaking collaborative works include: Still Sane (with Sheila Gilhooly), Drawing the Line and Her Tongue on My Theory (with Kiss & Tell), and From the Inside, Out (with the Self-Advocacy Foundation). She has published two novels:Sunnybrook: A True Story with Lies and Prozac Highway, and is working on a third in collaboration with Kiss & Tell member Lizard Jones. This learning-disabled-porn-queen-lesbian-cleaning-lady-sculptor-performer-madwoman has been a courageous and innovative voice, bridging both the queer and cross-disability communities for over two decades. (1998 Induction Statement)

Artiste visuelle et écrivaine dont l’œuvre s’est centreé sur le sexe et la représentation sexuelle lesbienne, sur la culture des personnes handicapées et sur le système de maladie mentale.

Archival data / Données archivistiques

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Persimmon Blackbridge 1951 -
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Susan Stewart
Medium / Médium:
black and white photograph
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21.5 x 29cm (W x H)