Elmer Bagares

Elmer Bagares 1970 -

"I committed to the political, social and cultural developments that shape my community and I am especially moved to serve its members. For the past decade, I have devoted my academic, volunteer, professional and personal endeavours to the concerns of those who are more marginalized within our society. I believe the source of my motivation comes from my deeply rooted values in human rights, social justice and anti-oppression.

These values are verbs not nouns. They must be acted upon, injustices must be challenged, not tolerated. Tolerance is merely the expression of complicity. We all have the responsibility to know the difference and act accordingly." (Elmer Bagares, Toronto, 2000 Induction Statement)

Militant revendiquant l'acceptation de la jeunesse gaie et de la tolérance raciale par le Conseil Scolaire de Toronto.

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Elmer Bagares 1970 -
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Scott Turner
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coloured pencil
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26.5 x 42cm (W x H)