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Portrait of Sky Gilbert
Advocate for queer arts; co-founder of Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times and artistic director for nearly twenty years. His work explores queer sexuality, gender roles and the relationship between art and eros.
Social and community activist who has devoted her time, energy and imagination for over 25 years to lesbian, Jewish, queer, and artist-related causes.

Militante sociale et communautaire qui a consacré son temps, son énergie et son imagination pendant plus de 25 ans à des causes lesbienne, juive, gaie et artistique.

Filmmaker, videographer, writer; his films include Zero Patience and Lilies, both of which gained him an international following.

Cinéaste, vidéaste et écrivain dont les films inclut Zero Patience et Lilies, deux œuvres qui l’ont propulsé sur la scène internationale.