Newspapers M - P

Magistrates are not helping police round
up High Park sex deviates

Justice Weekly. 1955-Apr-09.

The Male Homophile in Black Africa

Tery, David

Justice Weekly. 1956-Apr-28.

Male Prostitutes Face Great Danger When

Tab. 1970. p.2.

Corporate Names

Toronto Police
Isabella Street

Man Who Importuned Boy of Fourteen
Escapes With Fine of $10 and Costs

Justice Weekly. 1954-Jun-12.

March 26, 1951


Flash. 1951-Mar-26.

The Margin of Masculinity: Part One

Margin, James D.

Justice Weekly. 1955-Sep-10.

Married Couple Found Totally Ignorant of
Sex: Man Sleeps With Step-son In Preference
to Wife!

Flash. 1951-Jun-25. p.16.

Mass arrests made of homosexsuals, Honey
Dew Restaurant scene of pervisions

Hush Free Press. 1958-Mar-
22. p.7.

Corporate Names

Honey Dew

Mass Homo Round-Up

Tab. 1974-Jun-1. p.2.

Corporate Names

High Park
Grenadier Pond

Masterpieces by Homos

Justice Weekly. 1956-Feb-11.

'Matinee' pervert prowls theatre

Hush Free Press. 1951-Apr-
28. p.6.

The Mattachine Society

Justice Weekly. 1955-Mar-12.

Mauled Sexy Pickup When He Discovered She
Was Male!

Tab. 1974-May-25. p.2.

Mayor, TV producer's assistant not guilty
of indecent charges after arrest in subway

Justice Weekly. 1959-Jan-10.

Medal of Merit Winner in Boy Scout
Movement Unmasked as Homosexual

Justice Weekly. 1954-Jun-19.

Corporate Names

Boy Scounts

Men Acted Indecently Near Varsity

Justice Weekly. 1955-Jul-23.

Corporate Names

Varsity Stadium
University of Toronto

Men hate gal's short haircuts

TNT: True News Times. 1951-
Oct- 15. p.3.

Men In Skirts


Tab. 1957. p.4.

Men's lavatory in movie theatre is new
hang-out for homosexuals

Justice Weekly. 1959-Feb-21.

Metro cop charged as sex-pervert

Hush Free Press. 1957-Nov-
23. p.4-5.

Metro school board man nabbed in High
Park perverts' den

Hush Free Press. 1957-Aug-
31. p.6.

Corporate Names

Bloor Street
Pavilion High Park

A Minister and His Conscience

David, Wallace

Justice Weekly. 1954-Aug-28.

Corporate Names


Missing Boy Key Witness Court Frees
Accused Man

Flash. 1953-Nov-14.

Monday November 12, 1951


TNT: True News Times. 1951-

Montreal at midnight

Swaw, Honey

TNT: True News Times. 1951-
Jun-25. p.15.

Corporate Names

St. Cyr, Lili
Gayety Theatre

Montreal at midnight

Swaw, Honey

TNT: True News Times. 1951-
Jul-2. p.15.

Montreal at midnight

Swaw, Honey

TNT: True News Times. 1951-
Aug-27. p.15.

Corporate Names

Gayety Chez

Montreal at midnight

Swaw, Honey

TNT: True News Times. 1951-
Sep-17. p.15.

Corporate Names


Montreal Hi-Lites

Lesage, Henri

Flash. 1956-Jan-21. p.10,11.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1946-Oct-
05. p.12.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1955-Mar-
05. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1955-Sep-
03. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1948-Aug-
14. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1948-Jan-
17. p.19.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1955-Oct-
27. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1950-Mar-
25. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1955-Mar-
05. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1956-Jan-
21. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1950-Apr-
22. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1955-Feb-
12. p.13.

Corporate Names

One Magazine

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1955-Apr-
02. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1955-Jul-
30. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1946-Dec-
28. p.12.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1949-Feb-
19. p.12.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1953-Jul-
18. p.12.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1948-Nov-
20. p.12.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1948-Nov-
20. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1950-Aug-
05. p.13.

Montreal street scene

Hush Free Press. 1955-Jun-
04. p.13.

'Moral laxity' aftermath - two years for

Justice Weekly. 1951-Feb-17.

Morality cops raid weird booze party

Hush Free Press. 1953-Aug-
19. p.10.

More tolerance needed toward homos:
homosexual 'fall guys' for pressure groups
and governments - need to be properly
understood - part VII


TNT: True News Times. 1951-
Dec-31. p.5, 11.

Most Fantastic Witch-Hunt Since
Inquisition was Followed by Dismissal of
Homosexuals by the Hundreds from U.S.
Government Offices


Justice Weekly. 1954-Mar-13.

Movie Moguls Make Mint With

Tab. 1961. p.8.

Corporate Names

The Fugitive Kind
Otto Preminger The Moon is Blue Sexy Sixties
The Chapman Report Kinsey Investigation
Lolita The Picture They Said Couldn't Be Made
Lesbians The Captive

Must We Accept Homosexuality?

Tab. 1963. p.4.

Corporate Names

progesterone (a female hormone) Estrogen
Psychotherapy Intersexuality

My Dear J.L.E.


Justice Weekly. 1954-Jan-16.

Nab Callow Extortionists in Sex Plot -
City Police!

Flash. 1951-Feb-05. p.5.

Corporate Names

Toronto Hotel

Nab Hairdresser In Femme Clothes Hustling
Like Mad

Tab. 1969. p.3.

Corporate Names

Parliament Street
Sherbourne Street St. Leonard's Hotel

Neurosis and the Homosexuals

Anderson, Ronald

Justice Weekly. 1956-Jan-07.

A new big city racket...

Hush Free Press. 1950s. p.?.

New Breed of Thug - Gazoonies & Guntzels
Prey on Homos!

Tab. 1963. p.3.

Corporate Names

Metro Toronto
Gazoonies Guntzels Trade Kids St. Charles
Tavern Metro Morality Squad Foxley Street

New Moral Menace to Our Youth

Major Jr, Ralph H.

Coronet. Sep-1950.

Newspaper advertisements contacts for

Hush Free Press. 1951-Sep-
15. p.6.

No class distinction in High Park 'sin-

Hush Free Press. 1957-Sep-
28. p.6.

No Crime in Consenting Adult Homo Conduct
Says Magistrate's Association

Justice Weekly. 1955-Aug-06.

Corporate Names

Council of the
Magistrates Association

No Cure for Homosexuality Counsel Tells
Magistrate; 2 Sex Variants Fined $100

Justice Weekly. 1955-Mar-26.

...of Trade Accountant Royal York Hotel
Steward Misbehave at King Edward

Justice Weekly. p.3,15.

Corporate Names

Royal York Hotel
King Street East Hotel King Edward Hotel

Old hole-in-wall technique employed in
homosexual orgies in public park

Justice Weekly. 1956-Nov-03.

Old pervert of Queen Bee Hive appears in

TNT: True News Times. 1950-
Dec-18. p.5.

Corporate Names

Gray Coach

Omigosh, How Those Gays Buzzed About High
Park Urinals

Tab. 1973-Aug-04. p.2.

Corporate Names

High Park

Omigosh! Lesbian vs Anti-Lesbian Hassle
Goes International

Tab. 1964. p.2 and 16.

Corporate Names


One hundred homosexuals arrested in
Toronto during last three months

Justice Weekly. 1957-Feb-02.

"One of them" Insists that Affections
Between Two of Same Sex as Satisfying and
Real as Between Two Heterosexuals

"One of them"

Justice Weekly. 1954-May-1.

Outraged at Suspects Sentence, Council
Protests to Porter!

Flash. 1952-Mar-22.

P.M. Gay Places

Tab. August 14-1971. 8.

Corporate Names

P.M International

'Pansies' bloom in Bowles' Lunch

Hush Free Press. 1953-Sep-
05. p.9.

Corporate Names

Bowles' Lunch

"Pansies" bloom in cocktail bar: "Bambi"
with the wistful eyes ordered home to western
metropolis after police court hearing

Hush. 1951-03-17. p.6.

Corporate Names

King Edward Hotel
Times Square Room Letros Tavern Nile Room
Robert Simpson Company Ten Percent Club Chez
Paree Maloney's Art Gallery

Parasite convicted of robbery at King

Hush Free Press. 1953-Jul-
11. p.6.

Corporate Names

King Edward

Parliamentary Legislative Committee
Ignored This Letter from Homosexual
Suggesting Changes in Criminal Code

Justice Weekly. 1955-Mar-19.

Peer is Again Arrested on Homosexuality
Count After Recent Assault

Justice Weekly. 1954-Jan-23.

Persecution of Homosexuals Gets Blamed
for their Increased Activity in Public


Justice Weekly. 1954-Apr-3.

Personal classified ads - men and

Tab. 1971. p.14.

Perversion Hits New Low As Boys Sell Own
Bodies!: Mere Children Hawk Wares in Vile
Disgusting Mart!

Flash. 1950-Nov-07. p.5.

Corporate Names

St. Lawrence

Pervert defiles five boys, gets ten years
in pen

Hush Free Press. 1955-Feb-
19. p.10.

Pervert From Newfie Molests Boy in Show;
Blasted by the Bench

Justice Weekly. 1955-Jul-09.

Perverts Running Wild at Boys'

Flash. 1954-Jun-12.

Corporate Names

Boys Industrial
School At Coquitlam Essondale

Perverts Stage Revolting Bestiality!
Makes You Want To Shoot Them!

Tab. 1968. p.2.

Corporate Names

Pickering Ontario
Jarvis Street Parkside Tavern GO train
Liverpool Road Advertisement - Male Nudist
Picnic Advertisement - Unretouched Danish
nudist magazines

Phony detective works shake-down

Hush. 1953-04-04. p.11.

Corporate Names

Union Station
Colonial Tavern

Phony sexual 'psycho-drama' staged by
Washington 'queer': sizzling sex testimony
rocks Capitol, Jug psychologist

Flash. 1951-10-15. p.21.

Photo - two drag queens, Miss Letros

Tab. 1962. p.3.

Photograph - Fags in Drag

Tab. 1962. p.3.

Corporate Names

Miss Letros 1962
Tournament of Pansies


Tab. 1961. p.3.

Corporate Names

Jewel Box Revue

Pitiful Plight of the Lesbian

Tab. 1975-Mar-22. p.5.

Pleased With Being Described As A Male

Tab. 1971. p.2, 8.

Corporate Names

Chinatown Dundas-
Elizabeth Street area

Police Express Concern Over Homos;
Activities Large Number Arrested

Justice Weekly. 1956-Nov-24.

Corporate Names

High Park

Police investigate parked auto, charge
two with gross indecency

Flash. 1952-Apr-12. p.5.

Police nab nude 'queers'!

Flash. [Dec. 1950]. cover.

Police nab playboys in C.N.R. powder-

Hush. 1956-03-17. p.6.

Corporate Names

CNR Sunnyside
Station Canadian National Railway

Police Raid House of Lilies - Break Up
Sordid Drag Show

Tab. 1962. p.2.

Corporate Names

Vice Squad Maison
de Lys Juke Box Club

Police trap Baptist minister in High Park
perverts' den

Hush Free Press. 1957-Nov-
09. p.6.

Practiced black magic, headed lewd cult,
ex-Canadian gets five years! Aged Svengali is
called 'a most dangerous man'

Flash. 1951-07-16. p.19.

Corporate Names

Pearson Foundation

Present Anti-Homosexual Legislation
Greatest Bar to Solution of Problem Opinion
Held by Articles Writer J.L.E.


Justice Weekly. 1954-May-8.

'Pretty boy' bounced by teen age tough

Hush Free Press. 1949-May-
07. p.6.

The principal types of sexual

Justice Weekly. 1957-Jan-19.

The Problem of Hypocrisy... Does it
Affect Homosexuals?

Summer, Ward

Justice Weekly. 1956-May-5.


National Portrait Collection