The Oral History Review Interviews Collaboratory Director Elspeth Brown!

We're glad to announce that the Collaboratory was included as a featured oral history project for the Oral History Review's Pride Month.  Collaboratory director Elspeth Brown recently interviewed with the Oral History Review, where she was invited to discuss the Collaboratory’s roots in community-driven oral history projects. Touching on community-based archives like Lesbians Making History, and the Foolscap Oral History Project (a collection of interviews from the 80's, on gay men living in Toronto), Elspeth discusses the Collaboratory’s aims to make analog, print and cassette-based oral archives available to the larger public through digitization. “Trans history is another area where the primary sources available for people to write trans histories is pretty thin historically,” states Elspeth, as she goes on to highlight how Collaboratory efforts like the Trans Pathfinder (a digital guide on the CLGA’s trans materials) will make trans-related primary sources more accessible for historians and community members alike. Be sure to check out the fascinating interview in full, at the Oral History Review's blog:

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