Artifacts from the archives: John Herbert's typewriter, pin button, sceptre, Mister Toronto Leatherman vest 1992.

T-shirts, banners, buttons—and beyond.

The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives collects many artifacts that would normally be found in museums -- not "records" in any formal sense, but that nonetheless capture particular moments in history.

There are buttons and badges recalling political battles, T-shirts emblazoned with the names of groups and events around the world, banners that headed historic demonstrations, a typewriter used by playwright John Herbert, a shoulder bag from an international AIDS conference, a lamp from Toronto's St. Charles Tavern, and much more. 

Artifacts are specially stored at the CLGA, not often seeing the light of day except as part of exhibits and displays. But if you visit, CLGA volunteers would be glad to show you items you may be interested in.

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