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Inventory of the Records of The Body Politic & Pink Triangle Press
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Other TBP and PTP material in the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives

The 1988 Inventory doesn't cover everything in the Archives that came from The Body Politic or Pink Triangle Press. In a Sep 1996 search of the Archives Accession Database, I found other material.

Some accessions listed below were missed when I first did the Inventory. Others have been given to the Archives since then. I have added most of these new entries to each of the relevant series pages of this updated Inventory, as noted. Where I have examined the material (which I haven't in every case) I have also provided more extensive descriptions and annotations in the series entries.

From 1990, about a dozen accessions were recorded from Xtra that consisted only of a single poster or other artifact. They have not been listed here.

82-032 (One cassette)
Fourth-generation colour video cassette, entitled "On Trial -- The Body Politic." 1979. 52 minutes (Series 21: Legal defence).

84-044 (Single folder)
Notes and press clippings (Dec 1980 - Jan 1981) related to Toronto bars charged with "overcrowding" and other infractions (Series 13: News).

85-101 (Photographs)
Photoprints by Lee Lyons of various TBP people working on renovations to the 54 Wolseley St office, Jan 1984 (Series 23: Photographs).

86-003 (Seven boxes)
This accession was noted in the 1988 Inventory but much of its contents were not. In this 1996 update I have added information about it in various series listings.

88-023 (One box)
Memos and correspondence related to publication of Tom Waugh's 1983-1984 articles on the photo and film collections of the Kinsey Institute (Series 1: Policies, planning and budgetting; and Series 14: Features and reviews).

88-029 (Drawing and cassette)
Sketch by Elizabeth Gibson of the defendants in The Body Politic trial, 1979 (Series 21: Legal defence); cassette recording of an interview with Rita Mae Brown (Series 14: Features and reviews).

89-009 (One box)
Pink Triangle Press. Miscellaneous papers c 1985-1987 (not closely examined by me).

89-065 (One box)
Material related to the 1975-76 Ottawa Sex Scandal (Series 13: News).

89-075 (Two boxes)
The Body Politic Sustainer Group. Donor files, 1982-1987; Sustainer Letter, # 1 (Nov 1982) - # 16 (May 1987) (Series 1: Policies, planning and budgetting; Series 4: Fundraising).

89-089 (One box)
Miscellaneous material apparently gathered by the International News Group, through 1986 (Series 13: News).

89-111 (Unexamined by me; single folder?)
Poems of Aaron Douglas Ulrich (Series 17: Fiction and poetry).

90-002 (Five boxes numbered 01, 02, 02a, 02b and 3)
Pink Triangle Press. Xtra writer files, 1988 (Series 14: Features and reviews); Letters to Xtra, 1988 (Series 19: Letters from readers); Photo morgue, c 1972-1987 (Series 23: Photographs).

90-008 (One box)
Pink Triangle Press. Miscellaneous papers, including a draft News Manual, c 1982 (Series 13: News).

90-059 (One box)
Pink Triangle Press. Miscellaneous papers, c 1980-1986 (not closely examined).

90-091 (Single folder)
Correspondence with Robert A Roth re gay life in Indonesia, 1987 (Series 14: Features and reviews).

90-171 (Single folder)
Pink Triangle Press. Miscellaneous letters to the Press, c 1988-1990 (Series 3: General correspondence).

90-095 (Eight boxes)
Pink Triangle Press. Papers (major accession, to date unexamined by me).

90-163 (Two boxes)
Pink Triangle Press: Body Politic records. Financial records (computer print-outs), 1985- 86 (Series 2: Business and office administration); Resumes from hiring for advertising position, Dec 1985 (Series 7: Display advertising) and production coordinator position, Mar 1986 (Series 20: Design and production).

Xtra. Miscellaneous files (unexamined).

Xtra. Writer files and photos (unexamined).

Xtra. Display ad records (unexamined).

Xtra. Miscellaneous files (unexamined).

Xtra. Papers and documents (unexamined).

David Rayside. Records of The Body Politic Free the Press Fund (Series 21: Legal defence).

Xtra. Files (unexamined).

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Related holdings in the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives

The people named below were all involved with The Body Politic or Pink Triangle Press in greater or lesser ways, as writers, collective members or volunteers. Material by or about most of them appears throughout the vast run of TBP / PTP holdings recorded elsewhere in this Inventory. The accessions listed here are their personal ones, usually donated to the Archives under their own names.

Many of these people were also more widely active in the lives of our communities -- in ways my brief descriptions can only suggest. Other groups in which people played key roles are often noted. More information on each person may be found in those groups' papers.

I have listed here only those accessions that, as far as I can tell, contain significant personal papers (some people made many other donations -- of books, clippings, posters, etc). Some people's papers were donated by persons other than themselves.

Brief descriptions are offered for some accessions. Where not, they generally consist of various personal records and papers. More information on some of the people (and organizations) listed may also be available in the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives vertical files.

New material arrives all the time. This list may not be kept up-to-date -- but you can check the Searching page of the Archives website to see what options may be available to help you find new accessions or vertical files.

Some people are noted with a lead to information available online. Some links are to others parts of the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives website. Remote sites are listed further below under Other online resources.

Barry D Adam: writer and sociologist, Windsor

Joan Anderson: Archives worker; later chair of the AIDS Commitee of Toronto and the Canadian AIDS Society

Clarence Barnes: writer; member of the artist collective JAC; died 1995, age 61

Christine Bearchell: long-time collective member, also active with other groups; later with Epicene magazine and with the prostitutes' community group Maggie's

Rick Bébout: long-time collective member; later with the AIDS Committee of Toronto; back at PTP 1994-95

Elgin Blair: correspondent, Mississauga; with the Unitarian-Universalist Gay Caucus; died 1989, age 64

Douglas Chambers: writer and university professor; noted gardener

Danny Cockerline: writer and collective member, early '80s; later prostitute activist; died 1995, age 35

Bernard Courte: Montreal activist and TBP correspondent; writer for Xtra; died 1991, age 42

Harold Desmarais: with Windsor Gay Unity; one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Toronto; later PTP staff

Charlie Dobie: founding collective member

Christine Donald: TBP writer; long active with CLGRO, the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario

Dennis Findlay: with Waterloo Universities' Gay Liberation Movement; later with the Right to Privacy Committee (RTPC)

Maurice Flood: key organizer with the Gay Alliance Toward Equality, Vancouver; early contributor to TBP

James Fraser: New Brunswick provincial and Toronto city archivist; late '70s redeemer of the then Canadian Gay Archives; died 1985, age 39

Amy Gottlieb: socialist feminist, PinkType-setter; with the Lesbian Organization of Toronto; later filmmaker and arts magazine editor

Chuck Grochmal: aka Groch; TBP photo volunteer, early '80s; Xtra columnist, late '80s; died 1990, age 37

Harvey Hamburg: lawyer; founder of Toronto Area Gays (TAG; later TAGL), the 923- (later 530-) GAYS info line, and the Gay -- later Lesbian and Gay -- Community Appeal

Gerald Hannon: longest-serving Collective member; journalist and prostitute

Robin Hardy: Collective member, late '70s; freelance writer; died 1995, age 43

Norman Hatton: widely published photographer

Charles Hill: co-founder of the University of Toronto Homophile Association and Gays of Ottawa; curator at the National Gallery of Canada

George Hislop: veteran activist; president of the Community Homophile Association of Toronto; 1980 candidate for city council; defendant in bath-raid trials

Andrew Hodges: UK mathematician and activist; co-author of With Downcast Gays

Ed Jackson: Collective member, 1972-1985; later with the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), the Toronto Centre for Lesbian and Gay Studies and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

Graham Jackson: poet, dance critic

Lynnie Johnston: photographer

Gary Kinsman: writer, activist, academic and TBP critic

John Alan Lee: writer, sociologist; first chair of the Right to Privacy Committee

Andrew Lesk: Collective member, mid-1980s

Bill Lewis: Winnipeg activist; collective member; teacher and AIDS researcher; co-founder of the AIDS Committee of Toronto; died 1987, age 37

Michael Lynch: Collective member and writer; teacher and poet; co- founder of the AIDS Committee of Toronto, AIDS Action Now! and the Toronto AIDS Memorial; died 1991, age 46

Tim McCaskell: long-time collective member; Toronto Board of Education race-relations worker; later with AIDS Action Now!

Robin Metcalfe: correspondent; with Gay Alliance for Equality Halifax; writer and curator

Tony Metie: founding collective member; music librarian; died 1986, age 42

Alan Miller: librarian; bibliographer; long-time Archives worker

Jearld Moldenhauer: founding collective member; co-founder of the University of Toronto Homophile Association; founder of Glad Day Books

Gordon Montador: activist, writer and publisher; died 1991

Brian Mossop: with the Gay Alliance Toward Equality, Toronto; expelled member of the Communist Party; long-time partner of Ken Popert; subject of a Supreme Court case on family status

Alan O'Connor: writer and collective member, mid-'80s

Jim Quixley: librarian and writer; died 1991, age 60

David Rayside: academic and activist; with the Right to Privacy Committee (RTPC) and The Body Politic Free the Press Fund; collective member mid-1980s

Neil Richards: Saskatoon activist, writer and librarian; regular donor of material to the Archives

Marie Robertson: with Gays of Ottawa; later with the AIDS Committee of Toronto

Gillian Rodgerson: Collective member, mid-'80s; later editor of Capital Gay and Diva, London. UK

John Scythes: early collective member; renovator, plumber and gadfy of the AIDS establishment; later proprietor of Glad Day Books

Nik Sheehan: filmmaker; Xtra writer

Irit Shimrat: writer and volunteer, mid-1980s; anti-psychiatry activist

Jane Smith: TBP writer and volunteer, mid-'80s

Richard Summerbell: scientist, writer and editorial worker, early to mid- '80s

Robert Trow: long-time contributor and periodic collective member; paramedic at Hassle Free Clinic

Tom Warner: Prairie activist, early collective member; long with the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario (CLGRO); first openly gay man to serve on the Ontario Human Rights Commission

Alexander Wilson: Collective member 1979-1981; writer, gardener, landscape designer for the Toronto AIDS Memorial; died 1993, age 40

Art Wood: production worker, sustainer donor; later chair of the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT)

Ian Young: poet, publisher, bibliographer, author; co-founder of the University of Toronto Homophile Association; founder of Catalyst Press; TBP Ivory Tunnel columnist, 1975-1985

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Other online resources

The Internet changes too quickly for this list to be definitive. But the following sites may lead you to more material elsewhere.

For more general gay and lesbian Internet addresses, see Links, a list of related online resources in the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives website.

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Future collections

The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives receives new material all the time. Many of the people named above have extensive personal holdings that they may donate in the future. And many more than those named may in time make their papers part of this vast historical record.

Appendices to this Inventory list more than 500 people involved with The Body Politic and Pink Triangle Press up to 1988, including collective members; non- Toronto correspondents; some key writers; and long- time volunteers. You should feel free to make enquiries with the Archives about any further information available on any of these people.

Rick Bébout, October 1996

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