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Moving Images

The Moving Images collection of the CLGA includes both erotica and records of public events.

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The Archives is seeking contributions to its collection of video and film. At present, there are approximately 600 items in the collection, in 8 mm and 16 mm film as well as video in both VHS and Beta format.

These include early X-rated films and video, anthologies of physique films, as well as drama and documentaries with lesbian or gay themes. Lesbian and gay community events and institutions are represented by Gay Games and sports team videos, films of Pride Day and performance art such as D.Q., DV 8, and titles from lesbian and gay film festivals.

Current erotic films by directors such as Higgins, Rage Cadinot, Bjorn, and Chi Chi LaRue are also represented. Examples of interesting items in the moving images collection include:

  • Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men
  • DV 8 in Performance
  • Gay Mardi Gras 1995 (Sydney, Australia)
  • Different from the Others (a German silent film made in 1919)
  • Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling
  • Fortune and Men's Eyes
  • An Interview With Vito Russo, and
  • Fiction and Other Truths: A Film about Jane Rule.
The CLGA has set up a viewing station and is currently working on a database of all materials.

Help us preserve our film heritage. We would very much like to expand our moving images collection, particularly in the area of Canadian lesbian and gay community events. If you have any films and/or videos you would like to donate (including catalogues and related materials), please contact Dan Stroud at the Archives. We can arrange for pickup, and tax receipts are available for all moving image materials we decide to keep.

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